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Cost Effective Inspection
for Wafers Diced Wafers and Waffle Packs

Cost Effective AOI

By focussing just on essential capability we keep prices down to a minimum

Production Worthy

Fitting easily into your production line, you now have the tools for productivity

Data for a global business

All the tools and reporting needed for your global international business

Add consistency to your production

Manual inspection is often inconsistent relying on operator interpretation of results, leading to costly errors

Typical Defects

Dirt – Debris – Scratches – Probe mark analysis – Process defects – Plus many more

Note: Due to confidentiality we cannot show images on this website but are happy to demonstrate on your own product

Standalone Robot or Prober top

Multiple configurations address different needs. From small benchtop robots to utilising and existing prober platform to integrate into your production line

Review or re-process results from anywhere

Our network and remote architecture means you don’t have to be in front of a machine to review or reprocess results – you can be in the comfort of your desk or even home

Customer Comment

“The ability to pass/fail and review modes of failure from anywhere brings new capability to our QA control”

Customer Comment

“Using the systems as a production filter, means we have to review less product, speeding everything up in production”

Customer Comment

“Operators are happier, as their time is on analysis rather than spotting and counting defects ”

Let’s work together to improve your quality

traceability, and increase your profits!

In a data driven world, our toolkit identifies problems early, reducing customer returns or costly product recalls.